Global Building Graphic Wraps works diligently to become the world's largest marketing, promotion and advertisement company that specializes in Building Wraps/Wallscapes. Building Wraps/Wallscapes are extravagant ads that are attached directly to exterior building surfaces.

Michael J. Sandifer, President / CEO Global Building Graphic Wraps and legendary Hall of fame college football coach Bobby Bowden.

Perfection is absolutely the only solution.

“Our leadership team has been marketing, designing, and creating production for over
22 years. Our installers has been performing expert installation since 2005.”

Michael J. Sandifer

President / CEO – Global Building Graphic Wraps

Global Building Graphic Wraps foundation are set on the 3 Q's (Quality of product, Quality of service, and Quality of process). Our professional team specializes in design, production, installation, sponsorship, and securing buildings.

Quality of Process

Quality of Service

Quality of Product

Below are some of the top businesses, agencies, and professional and collegiate sports organizations throughout the country that I have conducted business and partnership with over the last 22 years.

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